Some Great Family Activities for Summer Around Rutland

Many people are looking for the best activities to do in the summer, but always roll over the same ideas in their heads, ‘cinema, food, cinema, food’. We all know there is a lot we can get up to in the summer months, but when put on the spot we can’t think out of the box.

The Rutland area offers a whole host of things to do, especially in the summer months. The first thing to consider is, are you a couple? Do you have any pets (dogs)? Are you a family? Whatever the combo, Rutland offers something for everyone.

1. Visit some local public parks

There are a lot of public parks that are available today. You can visit any of your favourite parks for doing your activities. The area around Rutland Lake hosts a very large playground, with slides, monkey bars and plenty of climbing apparatus. The whole area is covered with rubber safety flooring, which definitely softens any hard landings.

2. Go Camping

This is another creative activity that you can do during summer season. You can visit the local camping areas available around this area – there are plenty to visit! Don’t forget to bring all essential camping supplies, so you can enjoy doing this great area to the fullest. Most camp sites are equipped with BBQs and recreational grounds for leisure activities, shops, food shops and restaurants, bars, and some have swimming pools and water slides! You are also allowed to bring your own BBQ’s.

3. Learn to sail

Rutland lake offers the great opportunity to learn to sail. There are a number of courses available, and the club welcomes everyone from complete beginners to verging expert. The clubhouse is a nice place to relax on teh edge of the lake and have some lunch in the sunshine watching all the other sailors. Please be careful with this option – view our top 5 tips for a budding sailor here.

4. Enjoy some natural views

Summer is a perfect time for you to enjoy some natural views. You can visit some natural attractions that are available around the area. Rutland lake is a wonderful walk for all, and has many routes depending on how far you’d like to walk. There are frequent maps and check points to make sure you are still on route. There is also a bike hire shop where you can hire single or tandem bikes for the day, or a number of days. Each route isn’t short of its fair share of pubs to stop by on the way for a bite to eat. Waste and removal company kindly ensure that these paths are kept clean and litter-free, with bi-weekly collections and maintenance.

5. Create some interesting events by yourself

If you want to enjoy your summer holiday with your families and kids, you can consider creating good events for yourself. You can start everything from your own house. Cooking with kids can make you feel comfortable with your summer season. Your kids will be very happy when they can learn how to cook their favourite meals in your kitchen area. You can also create a backyard movie night for enjoying your summer season. It is also a good idea to invite your neighburs to attend your event.

There really are a lot of activities available at Rutland.

They are some interesting summer activities for you and your families. You have to prepare everything in advance, so you can enjoy your activities. Summer can be a perfect time for you to spend some time with your families. There are many other interesting activities that you can do during this season.

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